Your organization strives to meet the needs and wants of its members.  At Heroes of the Past, we can make that happen with informative yet fun presentations.  We can tailor a presentation for your group, or you can choose from our popular and already prepared topics.  Length of presentations can be varied to meet the needs of your organization.

Current Presentations

Back to Basics

Often, when we begin our family history journey, we dive right in and begin without considering where we are going to keep our family story, how we are going to make sure it is available for our decedents, what is the easiest way to keep it organized, and other basic concepts.  Back to Basics gives you the information you need to make sure your family history will not get lost or destroyed, how to ensure your family history is error free, and how to keep it organized so you can find the information you need when you need it.  You will learn how to start and build on your research in a focused manner using tools you can access from home, for free!

Migration through the South

Ever wonder how your ancestors got here?  What did they go through during the trip? This presentation will explore how our ancestors migrated from the Mid-Atlantic states through the south to Texas.  Topics include migration patterns, how transportation developed, modes of transportation, the perils of travel, and covers the colonial period through the early twentieth century.  The time period can be shifted as the organization desires.

The Colonization of the Southern Half of North America

The story of the American Revolution and the defeat of England by the 13 American colonies is riveting, even miraculous, to be sure.  Just as riveting, and maybe more complex, is the story of the colonization of the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi Valley.  With three major players in competition the occupants of this region had to deal with many changes in their national government, even though they lived in the same place!  This presentation will cover the arrival of those governments, the interaction between them, the major influence of disease, and the nations that were here already.

Custom Presentations

Heroes of the Past will be pleased to present a custom presentation to your organization on any Family History topic.  Contact us to discuss you needs further.


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