If you are in the Dallas, TX area, Heroes of the Past can provide a coach to help you build a family tree or further develop your family’s history.  We can meet you at any location east of US 75/I-45, South of Hwy 380, west of Hwy 34 and North of I-20.  For further distances, mileage rates apply at the rate of 55 cents per mile.  Coaching services are not available beyond 100 miles.  The location can be a library, your residence, or even a Starbucks.  Before we meet, we can help you determine what end goal you have for your coaching and whether you prefer your own software or web based family history.  After that, all you need is a computer and a WiFi connection!  A beginning 2 hour coaching session is $100.  Further assistance can be provided for $45 per hour.



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