Who We Are

Heroes of the Past is here to connect you with your family’s history.  We provide professional family history research and photography as well as individual and group training.  We have many years experience researching family history, and have a network of Family Historians across the United States eager to help discover your past.   Heroes of the Past is very client centered, and is committed to keeping you “in the drivers seat” in any service we provide for you.  We believe that family history is more than vital statistics, and must include a historical context to be meaningful.  Because of that belief we will report to you not only the available details of your ancestor’s life, backed by solid evidence and the highest genealogy standards, but we will help you get to know your Heroes of the Past.

Our researchers are continually upgrading their skills.  Through professional conferences, seminars, webinars, classes, and copious reading we take every opportunity to sharpen our skills.  Additionally, genealogists at Heroes of the Past have taken an oath, as members of the Association of Professional Genealogists, to uphold the highest standards for the field of genealogy and family history.

It is easy to believe that our pasts contain no Heroes.  We have heard it said “My ancestors were common folk, just farmers, merchants, or factory workers

A farmer, who with an axe, cleared a portion of virgin forest, with trees 4-5 feet in diameter so close you could touch two with outstretched arms…

A merchant, who loaded a wagon with household supplies, and ventured out into a countryside full of robbers who would deprive him of his money, his goods, or his life; through a land where the first inhabitants thought he was trespassing, in order to bring others much needed supplies…

A factory worker, who did not have the benefit of labor laws or safety regulations, who worked 12 hours a day, six days a week, in an often dangerous environment to provide for her family…

These are the Heroes of Your Past






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