The first step in the research process is focusing your Family History goals.  Spend some time thinking about exactly what you want us to accomplish.  This will help us get your results sooner and save you money.   Then contact us and let us know how we may serve you.  After we define exactly what you want us to find, we will do a cursory search to determine which records your ancestor may have left behind.

The research we need to do and how long it will take can very widely.  If your ancestor lived in a populated area and was active in their community, they may have left many records behind.  If they lived a mile off of the main road on the border between two counties and preferred a solitary lifestyle, records will be less plentiful and more of a challenge.

Once we have identified your research focus we will develop a research plan, give you an estimate of how many hours it will take to accomplish the goal and what will be involved.  If the goal is extensive (20+ hours) we will break the research down into smaller segments so that you can have more control over the research process.

It is our goal to be in communication with you throughout the research project.  We will never go over the time you have allotted without contacting you to discuss our progress and to get your permission to proceed.  Remember, you are in control!

Depending on the situation, you will probably get a research report at the end of every segment and definitely at the end of the research project.  The research report will contain a summary of our findings and be followed by a detailed report where the findings will be supported by evidence.  The report will contain a list of citations of where the evidence was found so that you or another researcher can find those documents, if you should wish.  You will also be given a link to a website where you can download copies of all documents in the report.  At the end of the report we will include a brief look at what was occurring in your ancestor’s world and our thoughts on what kind of person your ancestor may have been.  This portion will be based not on evidence like the previous section, but on our experience as Family Historians.

All of our services will be done for our hourly rate.  There will be no extra charge for mileage, copies, parking, or any other business expense.  If an unforeseen expense arises, you will be contacted in advance to gain your permission before we proceed.


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