Research and Coaching

Family History Research

We will follow your family roots wherever they lead in the United States.  Through our network of researchers and online resources we can gather evidence to solve your most difficult family history problems.  After evidence is gathered, it will be analyzed and a detailed report will be prepared with conclusions, supported by evidence, citations, and electronic copies of any documentation.  For more information about research services at Heroes of the Past, click here.


Do you want pictures of your ancestors cemetery?  Would you like pictures of the town where your grandparents lived?  Heroes of the Past offers custom photography related to your family history anywhere in Northeast Texas.

Record Retrieval

It is estimated that only 10%-15% of records are available online, and materials in libraries are usually indexes which may be prone to errors.  Heroes of the Past will gladly retrieve copies of records from courthouses and other repositories in Northeast Texas, striving to copy originals but getting as close to the original document as possible.  Record Retrieval does not include any record analysis but includes a short report giving any observations gained during retrieval and citations of where the document is located.

Fees for the above services are $45 per hour.  There are no additional fees for mileage, copies (if copy fees are excessive, authorization will be obtained from client), or equipment usage.

Family History Coaching

Want to start your own family tree but don’t know how to get started?  If you are local to the Dallas, Texas area, we offer one on one coaching to help you build a family tree, based on evidence, that can become part of your family’s history.  For more information on Family History Coaching, click here.


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